about me, myself, and I

This is the part where I'm supposed to share fun little tidbits about my super unique personality in order to show you I'm just the right amount of quirky mixed with artsy that means I'm creative but still witty and sarcastic because it's an edgy kind of creative. Then I'm supposed to round it all off with an anecdote to neatly pull back in the advice from dear ole dad that I used as a quote at the beginning of this section. I should finish with a joke about "oh my gosh, please hire me so I can prove an art degree is for more than becoming a barista" because on top of being quirky, artsy, witty, sarcastic, creative, and adored by my weirdly proverbial father, I'm also humorously self-aware. All the while, I should use a natural tone and stream of consciousness writing style to imply I'm not trying too hard at it.